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The Property Event of 2022 That Shouldn't Be Missed!

PIP Live 2022

Friday 24th - 25th June 2022

Solihull, Birmingham

What is PIP Live?

Are you in Property or have an interest in Property?

If the answer is YES then this event will be for you!

Our two day event will involve speaker presentations, networking, mastermind sessions and to end the event a midsummer ball!

  • Watch real speakers who are in Property and will be delivering brand new content
  • Enjoy two full days to get to know and network with like minded people 
  • Revel in two intense days of learning with expert insights and strategy 
  • Join the brilliant Monstermind Session on Friday night (don't miss this!)
  • Meet exhibitors from every area of Property to boost your success
  • Learn from the top property experts with decades of experience.

What To Expect over the 2 full days of fabulous property training


9.00am Registration & Networking

Once you've arrived, you'll start your day off with a brief networking event, getting to meet your fellow property entrepreneurs. Bring plenty of business cards !

9.45am Welcome

We'll then formally introduce the event and let you know what exciting things are in store for the weekend

10am Neil Martin

The RULES - The 5 Secrets to Self-Mastery and Creating a Winning Mindset

11.00am Rod Turner

Structuring A Deal

12.00pm Maria Thompson

How I built a £19.5m pipe line

1.00pm Lunch

Then a well earned lunch !

2.30pm Ritchie Clapson 

Small Scale Property Development: How You Can Ensure Success

3.30pm Sue Sims

30 years in property. The truth about what I've learned and what went wrong!

4.30pm Jay Howard - Real Estate Red Flags

Jay's going to cover

  1. Sellers, Agents & Solicitors
  2. Auctions
  3. Training, JV's & Social Media

5.30pm End Of Main Event

And we aim to finish at 5.30, and ready for a great Monstermind Session ...

7.30pm to 9.30pm Monstermind Session

Our 2 hour Monstermind session is not to be missed.


9.00am Registration & Networking

Once you've arrived, you'll start your day off with a brief networking event, getting to meet your fellow property entrepreneurs. Bring plenty of business cards !

10.00am Kirsty Darkins

Unlocking value in commercial properties. How you can do it now.

11.00am Social Impact Investing Panel : Will Mallard hosting with panellists Amy Varle, Toby Wilde & Micheal Patterson

LIVE Q and A on Social Impact Investing.  Will, Amy and Toby will be taking questions from the floor from their extensive experience in this sector.

Social Impact Investor Will Millard will be your host.

12.00pm Lunch

Then a another well earned lunch.

1.30pm Kwasi Affum

UK Economy, post-pandemic, and what it means for property investors

2.30pm Dorian Payne

“Expensive Lessons in Social Housing Development”

3.30pm Adam Lawrence

Survival & Success for 2022 / 2023

4.30pm End Of Main Event

And we aim to finish at 4.30, and enough time to get ready for our Midseummer Ball Drinks and Meal 

6.00pm Midsummer Ball Drinks Reception

Join us for Drinks and Networking at our Drinks Reception

7.00pm Midsummer Ball Dinner

And finally our fabulous Midsummer Ball Dinner

9.00pm Paul Newton 

 Of course!! "I can steal your sh1t!"

How good was last years event ?

Who's Speaking ?

PIP Live 2022 Partners in Property Speaker
Neil Martin

Neil Martin is a multi-award winning motivational business/leadership speaker and content creator.

Throughout his career he has been recognised by colleagues, clients and peers for his first class public speaking and presentation skills and his ability to make complex subjects easy to learn and understand.

He is renowned for being able to spot opportunities that enable his clients to embrace new ideas, methodologies and strategies to deliver positive change and both personal and business growth.

PIP Live 2022 Partners in Property Speaker
Dorian Payne

Managing Director of Castell Group, a Property Development company specialising in developing high quality, affordable, social and disabled housing.

Dorian has been actively involved in the property sector for over 10 years and set up a lettings agency at 16. Since then he has invested, traded and developed over 100 different property deals. 

Dorian has raised several million pounds in investment and Castell Group has a current secured development pipeline of over 200+ homes with a combined GDV in excess of £35M.

PIP Live 2022 Partners in Property Speaker
Kwasi Affum

Vice President of Barclays group and property investor. He analyses changes in financial markets to understand their impact on our business activities.

He's passionate about the opportunities FinTech brings, particularly when it comes to making finance more inclusive and set up FutureBanking to help drive this agenda.


He also founded Viable Properties to renovate defunct homes and help social tenants. He also founded Slow Money Club.com to give everyone  the right to opportunity through financial literacy.

PIP Live 2022 Partners in Property Speaker
Ritchie Clapson

Ritchie has been involved in property development for almost 40 years, and as co-founder of propertyCEO, he coaches both novice and experienced property developers how to create substantial returns from small-to-medium scale developments.

Ritchie’s development pedigree speaks for itself. A structural engineer by profession, he’s not only worked on hundreds of new-build, commercial and industrial conversion projects, he’s also trained and mentored countless developers and property professionals.

A business coach and strategist, he built up one of the country’s leading structural engineering firms and was appointed by the government as peer review engineer for the London 2012 Olympic Stadium.

Today Ritchie and his business partner Ian Child head up propertyCEO, one of the country’s most exclusive property development training companies.

PIP Live 2022 Partners in Property Speaker
Maria Thomson

London Edinburgh Holdings is the company set up by Maria and her husband Gordon to handle their commercial to residential property business in Edinburgh.

In two years they have built up an impressive pipeline with a GDV in excess 11.5 million.  

Maria ran an estate agency in Edinburgh. She has her finger on the pulse of the second-most robust property market in the world.

Maria is well versed in planning law having taken Edinburgh City Council to appeal and won.

She used her knowledge of planning law to place kiosks on the streets of Edinburgh in a world heritage site.

PIP Live 2022 Partners in Property Speaker
Paul Newton

Paul has been a magician for most of his life, ever since his parents bought him a Paul Daniels magic set for his birthday. Magic has been his main career for over 10 years, having stepped away from the corporate world to follow his passion. .

He uses trickery, stagecraft and blatant cheating to entertain and confuse crowds of people. In his book, he explains how his love of magic and mind reading techniques made him realise that people can be duped into giving away their closest secrets. This can include their passwords, PIN numbers and so many other things that could make personal and business security a massive issue.

He now travels the world, in person or via the internet, helping people realise that their world could be so much more secure with just a few tweaks. Paul lives on the south coast of England with his wife, his daughter and his soppy dog.

PIP Live 2022 Partners in Property Speaker
Kirsty Darkins

Commercial property investment is often overlooked by private investors but building a commercial portfolio to hold, in Kirsty's opinion, is one of the most profitable, hands off investment strategies when you understand how to make it work. 

Kirsty has 20 years experience as a Commercial Surveyor and is still building her property portfolio.

PIP Live 2022 Partners in Property Speaker
Adam Lawrence

Adam has bought 375 properties in the past decade, using 8 figures of joint venture funding, across the mainland UK. He has held onto around 90% of those properties, preferring to hold rather than sell.

He co-owns multiple investment companies and asset management companies as well as lettings agencies as part of his business portfolio.

Jay Howard

Jay has been investing in Property for more than a decade.

Jay is passionate about property (with more than 20+ years in the industry)

He is a Specialist in the UK property market with a niche in Auctions.

PIP Live 2022 Partners in Property Speaker
Rod Turner

Founder of ITP Group, a Property investment and development business that directly invests in a wide range of property across the UK.I also host "The Rodcast", a podcast all about asset backed investments with a focus on UK Real Estate.

PIP Live 2022 Partners in Property Speaker
Sue Sims

Currently Director of Genie Rooms, Midland Property Sourcing and joint founding Partner of Partners in Property - an independent property network meeting. 

Sue Sims bought her first buy-to-let property at 21 - a shop with a flat over it. She didn’t do much with it for the next 16 years. But then she started investing in more properties, getting more education, meeting more people and going in on some joint ventures.

30 years on and she now has more than 40 properties in and around Birmingham.

Sue, not only runs her portfolio, but she also mentors new investors, has her own lettings agency / HMO management agency Genie Homes (which runs out of her original shop), a sourcing business - and is one of the co-founders Partners in Property network community.  She’s also passionate about the benefits of social housing as a property business model.

Michael Patterson

Michael is an expert in supported housing and has worked in this area for over 30 years.

His expertise lies in revenue finance, including within the context of supported housing developed with private capital. He is a well-regarded speaker and the author of briefings and blog posts on supported housing. He engages with and influences government policy agendas on supported housing and exempt accommodation and has a detailed understanding of the supported housing ecosystem and the organisational relationships within it.


He has Board advisory roles within supported housing provider organisations and works with registered providers and capital finance providers.

Will Mallard

As a social impact investor Will Mallard focuses on English social housing portfolios and other needs based investment opportunities. 

He also runs the popular My Property World podcast plus the UK Property World group, to get involved or to find out more connect with him on LinkedIn.

Toby Wilde

Toby comes from the multi generation Milne real estate family but carved his own path in the property industry. He started his career in estate agency. Following the 2008 global financial crisis, Toby specialised in the high-volume lettings and management sector.

Having gained experience as developer and a development consultant. Toby was then one of the founders of Sprift.com, a revolutionary property data aggregating platform.

Toby's is the Founder of The Oparo Group which was the first algorithm driven real estate investment company in the U.K. Working with Financial Institutions and Private Equity, Oparo invests in impact driven Residential and Social Housing.

Where is it ?

Voco St. John's Solihull, an IHG Hotel, 651 Warwick Rd, Solihull, B91 1AT

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The Midsummer Ball

A "Mustn't Miss" Event !

LIVE Event Video Testimonials

What people have been saying about our previous events?

A great network of like minded people in the room. Love the mastermind tables you can learn so much at this event. Lovely lunch and surroundings. It’s a really great venue.  Can’t wait for the next meeting Highly recommended.

- Michaela Thurston Anaka

Partners in Property has literally kept me going through all the turmoil of the lockdowns and kept me connected which has been really crucial when you are self-employed and working alone. Since Covid, they were quick to introduce online meetings on a regular basis which have been particularly good for networking with the whole community and in getting to know other investors outside of the local group.

- Georgie Blundell

PIP is a great community to meet other property professionals and learn, I like the variety of speakers who cover different specialisms. There are many online meetings and coffee calls, and a private facebook group and whatsapp. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

- Callum Stevens

I usually can't be bothered with networking events but i was very impressed with the event today and in particular with the knowledge and energy of the speakers. Very thought provoking and plenty of food for thought...I'll be back for more!
Thanks to all involved.

- Lorraine Callery

It was great meeting the lot of you today and will catch up with the rest next month. It was a very productive day and learnt a lot. I'm a portfolio landlord and looking forward to expand my portfolio by doing a small flip or development. Any help and guidance from the group is appreciated.

- Manish Gupta