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  • Free Domain Name RENEWAL (Included!)

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Why choose our Website Hosting Package?

Superfast Website Hosting

Superfast website hosting is crucial for maintaining an optimal user experience in the digital age.

 Web hosting is a service that makes a website accessible on the internet by providing the necessary infrastructure and resources . 

he quality of web hosting can drastically influence a site's performance, with fast and reliable hosting being highly sought after.  Our website hosting has an impressive 99.99% uptime.

Selecting a high-speed hosting service is essential for any business or individual wanting their website to load swiftly, ensuring visitors stay engaged and have a seamless browsing experience.

Free Email Addresses

Need an extra email address?  Just ask us and we'll create it for you.  No faffing with confusing back end software, we'll create the address quickly and send you the details.  Of course, if you wanted to log into the back end and do it yourself, then we can provide you with full access so you can create as many email addresses as you like.

Free SSL Certificate

SSL protects information sent back and forth between your website and the user’s device. If this info is left unprotected, hackers could easily intercept it.

Most hosting companies charge a hefty fee for SSL, but we include it in our hosting plan as we don't like 'hidden extras' that magically push the price up.

Our Amazing Support Team

We're never far away.  For some reason, customer service around the world seems to have gone down the drain.  Not ours.  We value our customers, and we're always available to help you resolve whatever problem you have, or help you work out how to do whatever it is you want help with.

Free Domain Name

WHen you choose your hosting with us, we'll include a free Domain Name so you can get started as quickly as possible with no hidden extras.

Easy Setup and Domain Name Transfer

Want to port another domain over to us?  Let us know and we'll help you do it, set it up, and get the website up and running with daily backups, free email addresses etc.

Free Daily Backups

We have daily automated backups.  We store each backup for 7 days.  That means in the worst-case scenario, you’ll only lose the changes you’ve made in the last 24 hours.

Trust me when I saw, having daily backups are vital.  Being able to roll back a website to yesterdays version is invaluable for a number of reasons, but mostly because sometimes your site can be infected. All we have to do is roll it back to a backup a few days ago and we're instantly back up and running.  Compare this to your website going down for weeks and trying to fix it, you'll quickly see how valuable free backups actually are.

Free Domain Name Renewal

And finally, when your 12 months of hosting is up, it will automatically renew both your domain name and hosting completely free of charge as long as you're a monthly paying customer.

We build all of that into the cost, so you have maximum uptime, no downtime and no loss of your website availability.

Our job is to make your life easier, and ensure your business is always available 24/7 with as little downtime as possible.

Our clients choose us time and time again due to the amazing trust we've built with them.